Federal Way Kendo Club

Founded in 2009, Federal Way Kendo Club was formed from Puyallup Kendo Club. Since then, we have been offering kendo class through the parks and recreation department, teaching the traditional Japanese martial art in Federal Way.

Federal Way Kendo Club is part of the Pacific Northwest Kendo Federation (PNKF) and the All United States Kendo Federation (AUSKF).


Our instructors have over 30+ years in teaching experience.

Head Sensei


Curtis Marsten
Renshi 6 Dan

Began kendo in 1975 at Highline dojo. Founded Renton Kendo Club in 1992, which then went on to become Kent Kendo Club in 2001. Also founded Puyallup Kendo Club in 2003, which turned into Federal Way Kendo Club in 2009. Has trained extensively in Japan, UW club adviser 1990-1997, coach of the PNKF team, and has been the president of the PNKF.



Vicki Marsten
4 Dan

Began at UW in 1979, and went on to be the president of the club. Was also a founding member of Renton, Puyallup, Kent, and Federal Way kendo clubs.

New Students

People with no prior kendo experience or are a beginner that has not yet reached armor, you may register for the class at the beginning of each quarter. (Check calendar to see when quarter begins.) If attending, you will only need to wear comfortable exercise clothes - t-shirts and sweatpants.

Children can start at the age of 7, but may start younger or older based on the discretion of the sensei.

Experienced Students

If you have practiced kendo before or just moved to the area, you may join practice at any time. But before you attend practice, please consult with the sensei and contact them so they are able to gain a better understanding of your previous experience and rank.

Dues & Membership

Youth/Student Adult
Federal Way ~$5.00 per class
PNKF $55 $110

Federal Way class fees are paid quarterly and PNKF dues are paid yearly. PNKF dues include AUSKF membership fee. The AUSKF requires a $10 new member intiation fee (one-time).
*It is not necessary for those just starting kendo to sign up for PNKF/AUSKF membership. We recommend you wait at least until you have received armor or have spoken with us about it.

All Ages (Under athletics)

PNKF Waiver